Teen Puberty Gift Packs


This beautiful teen gift pack contains either…

A Girls pack

  • 1x Relax Woman balm 65g to help balance hormones and aids sleep reduces anxiety and is a great natural moisturiser. Rub onto shoulders during times of stress or before bed.
  • 1x Charcoal & French green clay detox facial bar. (super easy to use on face)
  • 1x Gratitidue journal
  • 1x Kawakawa Soap

OR a Boys pack contains

  • 1x Man Balm 65g which is organic hemp, cedarwood, Kawakawa, a balm for everything. This balm nourishes skin, can be used on facial hair, under eyes, on acne, or any healing or skin irritations.
  • 1x Hemp shampoo bar
  • 1x Detoxing Charcoal and French Green Clay facial bar
  • 1x Gratitude journal.
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